Track Title: Superfast Jellyfish Ft. Gruff Rhys & De La Soul

Artist: Gorillaz

Album: Plastic Beach


Gorillaz - “Superfast Jellyfish”

This morning you’ve got time for a hot, home-cooked breakfast
Delicious and piping hot in only 3 microwave minutes.

Yo, pretty packages of frosted delights
Look, it comes with a toy hehe, I like that.
I wanna number 4, a number 6, and throw in a plastic doughnut
Just enjoy the gritty crunch, it tastes just like chicken.
Wrappers of many bit sizes
Man, are you freakin blind? That’s a rock.
All mixed in the pot for momma’s homemade from scratch, well, not quite.
Toasted over flames, they be tasting quite right.

All hail king Neptune and his water breathers
No snail thing to quick for his water feeders 
Don’t waste time with your net, our net worth is Set Ready, go. 
Many know others, but 
we be the colors of the mad and the wicked
we be bad, we be brickit with the 24 hour sign
shower my habits while you dine like rabbits
with the crunchy, crunchy carrots (that’s chicken)
Gotta have it Superfast!

(A whole lot of breakfast you got time for!)

Superfast Superfast, I come in last, but just in time for breakfast
Keep it through, Keep it through, forever blue 
Tonight’s the night for action
Aluminum I crush your f.u.n aluminum
The sea is radioactive 
The sea is radioactive 

ozzy-wankenobi asked:"5-15"

5. Coke or Pepsi?
Coke, hands down.
6. Someone you hate?
I try not to hate people, but there are a few who deserve it.
7. Best Friends?
I’ve got a handful of them.
8. Have you ever done alcohol or drugs?
9. What’s your dream job?
My attainable dream job: counseling families for those who have a member who is physically sick / hospitalized
Ultimate dream job: something involving traveling the world
10. Ever been in love?
11. Last time you cried?
Uhh recently because I was super stressed & overtired
12. Favorite color?
13. Height?
14. Birthday?
May 2 
15. Eye color?

Thanks!!! 😘

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You wanna find out some personal shit?
  • 1. Any scars?
  • 2. Self harmed?
  • 3. Crush?
  • 4. Kissed anyone?
  • 5. Coke or Pepsi?
  • 6. Someone you hate?
  • 7. Best Friends?
  • 8. Have you ever done alcohol or drugs?
  • 9. What's your dream job?
  • 10. Ever been in love?
  • 11. Last time you cried?
  • 12. Favorite color?
  • 13. Height?
  • 14. Birthday?
  • 15. Eye color?
  • 16. Hair color?
  • 17. What do you love?
  • 18. Obsession?
  • 19. If you had one wish, what would it be?
  • 20. Do you love someone?
  • 21. Kiss or hug?
  • 22. Nicknames people call you?
  • 23. Favorite song?
  • 24. Favorite band?
  • 25. Worst thing that has ever happened to you?
  • 26. Best thing that has ever happened to you?
  • 27. Something you would change about yourself?
  • 28. Ever dated someone?
  • 29. Worst mistake?
  • 30. Watch the movie or read the book?
  • 31. Ever had a heartbreak?
  • 32. Favorite show?
  • 33. Best day of your life?
  • 34. Any talents?
  • 35. Do you wish you could ever start over?
  • 36. Any bad habits?
  • 37. Ever had a near death experience?
  • 38. Someone I can tell anything to?
  • 39. Ever lost a loved one?
  • 40. Do you believe in love?
  • 41. Someone you hate/Dislike?
  • 42. Are you okay?
  • 43. Relationship status?

A quick and strange post about books

Okay, so I’m laying in bed reading a borrowed copy of, “Good Omens,” right?
As I was turning the pages and holding the book, I started noticing how “loved” the book has been, which then made me think about my own books.
Whenever I buy a new book and begin reading it, I always enjoy knowing that I’m the one who cracks the spine, and the first one to turn every single page, and to be the first pair of eyes on every work in that physical book. I always try to be careful with new books, especially if I’m planning on lending them out.

The thing about reading a borrowed book is that someone else got to do all of the above things and as I’m reading through the story for the first time, I get to see the evidence of their experience and the evidence of the book’s travels.


ashton + insta vids pt.4


Meet the newest addition to my scarf collection. Cold weather clothes are my strong suit. ❄️

Meet the newest addition to my scarf collection. Cold weather clothes are my strong suit. ❄️

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All I can really say at this point is that if you’re going to work with children who have special needs, specifically Autism, PLEASE take the time to learn about Autism. I can’t express how important and vital it is to do so.

There are also repercussions of being ignorant to those needs, especially during such a sensitive and important time of a child’s development. 

I’d also like to point out that I work with amazing people who truly are the nicest and most understanding people. 


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